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Chrome Lash Tweezers Long Curved Tip Isolation

Chrome Lash Tweezers Long Curved Tip Isolation

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As lash artists we totally understand that tweezers are the most important tool in efficient lashing! Our tweezers are short and lightweight, made from durable stainless steel so you can hold them ergonomically and easily even when lashing all day. They are thoroughly inspected and hand tested on every diameter to ensure comfort, tension, and grip

  • Long Curve Tip Isolation- Has the qualities of both semi curved and semi straight in ONE tweezer. Lightweight and makes isolating super easy. The long curved but straight design tip will allow you to get in those corners with no hassle!


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  • A Purchase You Will Not Regret

    "You need to try out her tweezers! The grip is amazing and my fans fan out like absolute butter! They are also fairly lightweight which helps so much since I have carpal tunnel, a purchase you will not regret!!!"


  • Literally The Best

    "Lash trays are literally the best lash trays you will ever try!!!! And they are affordable."

  • My New Favorite

    "The Tweezers were amazing by the grip is super good and overall perfect!! Definitely my new favorite and I need to pick some more along with the trays!! Super soft and buttery. Easy pickup."