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Boujee Bonder-NEW Gold Rush Glue 1-2 Sec Bundle

Boujee Bonder-NEW Gold Rush Glue 1-2 Sec Bundle

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Boujee bonder is a new revolutionary product to maximize lash retention. It works with any adhesive, instantly bonds adhesive fumes, increases flexibility of glue, enhancing bonding between eyelash and extensions. 

Instructions-Wait for 2 minutes after you've attached the last extension, squeeze 2 drops onto a microfiber brush and wipe adhesive bonding points. Air dry lashes and they are ok to get wet 3 minutes later.

(net) 15ml

Please note the bonder is not full to brim to avoid leakage during transit 

Gold Rush 

  • Setting time 1-2 seconds
  • 6-7 weeks retention time
  • Odor is very low
  • Color thin carbon black
  • Latex free
  • Amazing for both volume and classic lashes 
  • 5ml
  • Humidity 35-60% 
  • Temp 69-73 (this temp works best for myself and other artists)


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  • A Purchase You Will Not Regret

    "You need to try out her tweezers! The grip is amazing and my fans fan out like absolute butter! They are also fairly lightweight which helps so much since I have carpal tunnel, a purchase you will not regret!!!"


  • Literally The Best

    "Lash trays are literally the best lash trays you will ever try!!!! And they are affordable."

  • My New Favorite

    "The Tweezers were amazing by the grip is super good and overall perfect!! Definitely my new favorite and I need to pick some more along with the trays!! Super soft and buttery. Easy pickup."